Creation and Transformation

The Seven Pillars of Business Creation and Transformation

The Seven Pillars of Business Creation and Transformation

Forming a company is necessary for anyone who wants to create a place where they are empowered, fortunate, and happy. It is a
place where your zone of genius thrives. Let’s create this place together with the Seven Pillars of Business Creation and Transformation.

The first step in the process is to conduct a Discovery Session. The Discovery process gives us the information necessary to
form your unique business. We offer a complimentary guide to Business Creation as recommended reading before you engage in a Discovery with Advantage.

1. Formation

    Legal, Financial, and Organizational Design

Formation is simple. It is not easy. There is a correct way which establishes a business legally and credibly. This may be performed in a DIY approach, but it is not something that Advantage would prescribe. We recommend the following be done by your local attorney, CPA, and Insurance Broker:        

  • Name search for your business
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Apply for the appropriate Tax Designation and Identification
  • Appropriate business insurance (i.e., General Liability, Bonding)

We offer a Business Formation package executed by Advantage’s legal and financial team.  

2. Ambassadorship & Identity

The new “AI” is here, and it is NOT “artificial” in any way, but it will absolutely showcase your “intelligence.” Advantage subscribes to creating Ambassadorship and Identity. The status quo calls these marketing and branding.

We know by creating an identity for your company’s purpose and mission, we can create a multitude of ambassadors. This is not a matter of nomenclature. It is all about the “Advantage Mindset.” This is how we keep Vision Simplified. Solution Personified.

3. Product & Service Architecture

Your ideas are what brought you to this place. We will help you build and construct products and or services, based upon those ideas, that are unique to your vision and laser targeted to your ideal customers and clients. It starts with a structural design and manifests into a tangible deliverable which we test, verify, and implement with you and or your team.

4. Demand Creation & Generation

Your ideas transformed into products and/or services must be positioned so there is demand for them. The status quo calls this advertising and sales. We know that by creating demand and generating demand, your company will have a steady stream of
revenue opportunities, direct and passive.

This is not a twist on words. It is all about the “Advantage Mindset.” This is how we help our clients Achieve Market Share Authority.

5. Citizenship

You may begin your business as a Solopreneur, a Sole Proprietor. And as your business grows, there may be reasons to incorporate others into your business. Their legal (tax) designation is one thing, and their relationship with your company is another.

Advantage subscribes to everyone being a visitor (at first) and then, if so inclined, a “citizen” of your world (company). We believe this is derived from the effective management of their personal free will to become part of the company. A “resource” is considered by Advantage to be inanimate. Therefore, a resource cannot exert free will, reasoning, or decision. The status quo refers to this as Human Resources. Advantage believes that “humans” are humans rather than a “resource.”

6. Knowledge & Practice

Everyone associated with your company must have knowledge and practice of your products and or services. The status quo often refers to this as Training and Development or Enablement. Advantage believes that acquiring knowledge of about a product and or service and then using critical thinking skills to enhance this knowledge (Practice) is better aligned with the “human” paradigm.

Advantage develops programs to empower your customers, clients, and citizens to “Live in a Perpetual Cycle of Profitability.” We are dedicated to interactive and gamified knowledge, coupled with lots of critical thinking practice on how to get the most from a product or service your company offers.

7. Methods & Systems  

The methods and systems of a company are technical, and process driven. Advantage develops Methods and Systems for your company spanning infrastructure, business process, and technology. These are UNIQUE to your company, its products, and services, as well as incorporating best practices appropriate to your industry. The status quo may refer to this as Information Technology.

Advantage believes that methods and systems of a company span a much broader and diverse set of tangible disciplines, not limited to “technology”. These methods and systems are the support of your unique value proposition and work in tandem with all of The Seven Pillars of Business Creation.