The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Of Advantage Consulting, LLC

The Heart of the Advantage Entrepreneurial Spirit is:

1.     Organized

We have often brought a smile to our client’s face when we mention, “What one lacks in content knowledge could be made up for with obedience and organization.”

2.     Disciplined

We find that applying a healthy dose of discipline to all our endeavors is empowering and liberating.

3.     Analytical

We believe this is better stated as curiosity. We come from different worlds in any situation. We are sincerely curious about how everyone thinks and feels.

4.     Focused

We have learned that success comes from applying focus to something other than yourself.

5.     Creative

We have observed more drama in corporate boardrooms than on any stage. Creative juices flow when negotiating intense times.

6.     Realistic

Give everything a G.U.T. check. Is it Good, Useful, and True?

7.     Compassionate

We have the client’s back, with their dignity and liberty in mind.